Chris Brown and Lil Wayne Being Investigated By Feds In Narcotics Trial


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Lil Wayne and Chris Brown may be headed back to court after getting caught up in a federal investigation into Producer Harrison Garcia's drug activities. 

TMZ Reports: 

Chris Brown and Lil Wayne are now reportedly targets of a federal drug investigation involving thousands of dollars of narcotics, including lean.

The probe was triggered by a criminal drug trial involving Miami music producer Harrison Garcia who allegedly sent texts to people acknowledging and even bragging he sold drugs to the 2 rappers.  

Garcia exchanged texts with an underling to deliver drugs to Wayne, saying, "I'll shoot u some trees (pot)." Garcia responded, "It's for Wayne."

In another text, Gracia sent a screenshot of a $15,000 bank deposit from Chris Brown, saying, "Look who put money my account." The woman said, "What that for LOL" and he responded with with a couple of smiley faces with the message, "Drugs ... lean and sh*t" ... this according to the Miami Herald.

A federal agent testified Garcia also told cops he sold Wayne narcotics ... "a lot of narcotics."

Garcia often poses on social media next to exotic cars, bling, expensive sneakers, stacks of cash and guns ... and has been photographed with CB and Weezy.

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