Former Chris Brown Employee Says He Battling Coke, Molly Addiction, Is Bi-Polar


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In an exclusive story published by Billboard, former employees and friends of the artist say that Chris Brown's "downward spiral" is because of his addiction to coke, xanax, molly, and lean.

The detailed article describes Brown's unknown demons that he deals with, and that many people in the public have no idea about. It starts with an account of the singer being annoyed with a delivery man who came to his home, as he was on Instagram. 

"Empty Styrofoam cups littered the table, a sign that Brown -- who hadn’t been taking his medication for the bipolar II condition he had been diagnosed with in 2014 -- had likely also been sipping lean (a mixture of promethazine/codeine syrup and a soft drink), his comedown of choice after a coke or Molly binge," Billboard wrote. 

"Brown scrolled through Instagram, hunting for clues about the status of his ex, the 28-year-old model Karrueche Tran. Whom was she with last night, and where? Who was commenting on her most recent photos?"

Unfortunately, these anonymous people believe that Brown doesn't see that he has a problem. "He will cuss you out and say, 'Hey, man, I'm functioning. I'm going to get the work out.' And he does," a "current member" of Brown's team told the publication. "But [he's not] the first functional star who thinks they can handle those powerful drugs. I got to say with all my heart, he's dancing with death."

A former female employee of Brown's added: “I don’t think he hates women. He’s actually a very sweet, sensitive guy. But they’re an easy target, and he’s a bully. It’s not just women -- it’s everyone, and he can get away with it.”

This shocking story comes after Tran accused Brown of threatening to shoot her and her loved ones, and claimed that he's physically abused her multiple times during their relationship. 

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