Jam Of The Week: Rico Escabar's "Ricky and Clyde" Puts Gay Twist On Old Song


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Rico Escobar's 'Ricky and Clyde' proves all you need in this life of sin, is someone who'll be down for you regardless of their gender.  We're thinkging this is going to be our new summer jam, the beat goes hard, Rico has bars,  and his story telling really paints a picture of what life is like for Ricky and Clyde.  Give it a listen below and be sure to check out more or Rico's music here: https://soundcloud.com/TheRicoEscobar

Rico Escobar is an up and coming artist located in Houston, Texas. Originally from Compton, California, Rico made his way to Houston where he was linked with up and coming production company: YUMMSQUAD Productions. After hearing Rico's diverse rhymes and creative concepts, YSP decided that it was time for the hip hop arena to be introduced to a new sound.

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