Summer Playlist: The Yellowboy Chronicles By Mr. Bouvier


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Ever wonder what it would sound like if Leela James and Tank had a R&B love child and that child could sang?  You would get Mr. Bouvier and his debut album The Yellowboy Chonicles.  There are a number of reasons he's on our summer playlist, 9 to be exact.

We've been bumping this since it debuted back in January and if you haven't given it a listen you're truly living beneath your rights.  

Favorite Track: Sex With My Ex 

We've all been there right?  The guitar instrumental in the beginning is worth a listen by itself but if you stay for the rest of song you're in for a treat.

Best Track: Just Say Yes feat Shannon

We need an entire of album of deuts with the two of them.  I'll pay for the studio time.  By the end of the song I was saying yes,  and you will be too.

Check out the video below for "If I Were A King" which we featured earlier this year.  




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