Whitney Houston's Version Of The Star Spangled Banner Is Still The Best

Before you all start, I'm a card carrying member of The Beyhive, I'm one of Mariah's lambs and one of Gaga's monsters and I'm sorry but none of them did it like Whitney.  The fact that we are still talking about her version 20 plus years later is a testiment in and of itself that her version reigns supreme.

I dont remember the first time I heard the Star Spangled Banner but I remember the first time I heard Whitney's version.  Every other female vocalist before and since heard it too because it has now become the standard on how the song is sang.  

Rapper Lil Peep Comes Out As Bisexual

At first we were like Lil Who?  And then we did are research.  We still don't know who he is but congrats.  ViaXXL:

Newcomer Lil Peep‘s buzzing music career appears to have made him more open to speak on his personal life, as the rapper has shared his sexual orientation on social media earlier today (Aug. 8).

The “Benz Truck” rapper hopped on Twitter this afternoon and flatly admitted to fans, “Yes I’m bi sexual.” With no further explanation, Lil Peep went on to offer some physical love to his followers, asking them “who wants a kiss.” View the tweets below.

Auntie Maxine's Waters "Reclaiming My Time" Gets A Gospel Remix

First up YouTuber Mykal Kilgore, who turned Waters’ statements into a gospel song. Singing all six parts, Kilgore was the first out of the gate and he set an incredibly high bar.

Adam Joseph, however, stepped up to the challenge and gives us a remixed dance version that, like Waters’ clapback itself, will get you on your feet and pumped up. He’s currently doing a GoFundMe and if you donate, he’ll send you the track along with two others.

America's Got Talent Pays Tribute To Contestant Who Died In Car Accident

America’s Got Talent is sharing the performance video of a Virginia man who died in a car crash before his audition could make it to air.

“At the request of his family we would like to honor his memory by sharing his audition with you,” the show’s producers said.

Brandon Rogers, a 29-year-old medical doctor, developed an Instagram following after posting videos of himself singing.

Rogers performed Stevie Wonder’s “This is Not a Coincidence.”

“The doctor is really handsome and the doctor can sing,” said Heidi Klum.

Jay Z's 4:44 Certified Platinum In Less Than A Week

Jay-Z’s new ‘4:44’ album has officially reached platinum status after arriving as an exclusive on his own Tidal streaming service late last week. 

The release was notably the latest from a high-profile artist that didn’t make its way to Apple Music, Spotify or other streaming services. In the U.S. it was Sprint’s first exclusive content release with Tidal following its purchase of a 33% stake in the music streaming service earlier this year.

Jay Z and Beyonce Sample The Clark Sisters On New Song "Family Feud"

God truly hears and answers prayers.  This may be the only chance we ever get to hear Karen Clark Sheard and Beyonce on the same track but we'll take it.  Via That Grape Juice:  Just days after sister Solange paid homage to gospel legend Karen Clark Sheard‘s ‘Balm In Gilead’ on Instagram (click here if you missed that), Jay Z and Beyonce show off their Clark Sister knowledge by sampling the legendary group’s tune ‘Ha Ya (Eternal Life)’ for his 13th studio album, ‘4:44’ [available on Tidal now].

Migos and Joe Budden Almost Come To Blows During BET Awards

It used to be the Source Awards that everything popped off, but BET is trying to up the ante this year.  Lil Kim was robbed, Meek Mill and Sarafee fighting and now this.  

Drag Race star Shea Couleé drops three new music videos

Fan favorite (and ours too) Shea Coulee is not letting not winning stop her slayage as this week she surprised fans with not one, not two but three new songs and videos.

The tracks are off of her new EP, entitled Couleé-D, featuring a total of eleven tracks.

‘This experience of the show airing is coming to an end, but it’s really just the beginning,’ Couleé told OUT.

‘There’s so many projects and appearances… there’s travel dates that are just coming up after the finale. I’m about to go on tour to 34 different cities.’

Orlando Artist Rio Releases Song "Comfortable" Celebrating The Lives of the Orlando Pulse Victims

Hey I'm Rio and this is a song that I wrote and arranged in support and dedication to all of the Pulse victims who passed on that fatal day 6/12/2016. This song to me is their voice and represents strength and resilience to show the way in how they lived their live's with such courage and unapologetically, and to all of the underdogs out there FUCK trying to make everyone feel comfortable with who you are!! Just live your life, they will catch up sooner or later!!

Fly Young Red Highlights The Dangers of Being A Trans Woman Of Color In New Video "Lorraine"

Fly Young Red is an LGBT artist that created this song to raise awareness in the Trans community about the dangers that the face in everyday life. #bringbackourgirls #translivesmatter